Do you think that your computer is acting not quite right, but you can’t pinpoint exactly why? Just like you regularly tune-up your car, furnace or other major appliances, your computer also needs regular tune-ups. You don’t want to be caught working on a deadline and have an irreparable crash, so it’s always good to perform regular computer tune-ups to prevent that from occurring. If a crash does occur, you may think that your system has a serious problem, when in fact it might just need a computer cleanup.

What you see is not always what you get when it comes to your computer. When you delete applications and files, they may be gone but not forgotten; you think that you’ve deleted them once and for all, but they remain in your system and continue to use memory. Regardless of how diligent you are about computer clean-up, surfing only “safe” sites and clearing browser history, cache and cookies, your computer will age. It’s that simple. You don’t expect your car to run forever without oil changes, tire rotations and other preventive maintenance. Your computer won’t, either.

Using our Computer Optimization service, we will purge your system of unneeded files and applications and clean up your system, which can prolong the life of your computer and keep your work intact.

Here are a few signs that could indicate that a tune-up is in order:

Slow Computer

Your system can be slow for lots of reasons, but often there’s a simple computer fix. Data clutter, insufficient memory or system resources and failing hardware are the most often-occurring causes of a slowdown. Sometimes, if you clear your browsing history and clean up the Windows registry, you can fix your PC. However, if you’re not a skilled PC technician, you could create additional problems.

Error Messages

An application on your computer system may have its own bugs or problems that are causing error messages to appear on your screen. Comp Service searches the causes of the error messages and can often eliminate them.

PC Freezes, Crashes and Shutdowns

It’s always when you’ve just done your best work that your computer crashes, right? PC crashes or freezes can be caused by too many open applications, too much data or not enough memory to support the running functions. It’s important to periodically tune up your PC in order to clean out old data and applications that are using memory unnecessarily and causing a computer slowdown.

Long Start-up and Shut-down times

We can repair hard-drive fragmentation, fix the Windows registry and delete useless files. These problems can be causes of your computer’s taking a long time to start up or shut down. You might have applications launching at start-up that you don’t realize are there and they are grabbing memory and slowing down the whole system.

Whether you inadvertently downloaded something that’s troublesome or your computer is simply aging and needs freshening up, choosing Computer Optimization service is a great idea. Keeping track of scheduled maintenance for your computer will benefit you just as much do those tune-ups you do for your car… booting up your computer to find it’s not working properly is just as aggravating as a car that won’t start.

It can be a game-changer for your work to clean up a slow PC, and Comp ServiceĀ Computer Optimization is a simple, low-cost way to do it.

Remember: A clean computer is a happy computer!

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