If your laptop, desktop or PC lets you down, there’s no need to panic. We’re here for you.

Is your PC or Laptop running slow? Does your computer crash on a regular basis? Trying to resolve PC/Laptop issues can be time consuming and at times very difficult. If you’re a business then can be costly to your business and may even be a security risk. So if you are unsure on the repair needed then we can help diagnose and let you know what is needed to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

In some cases your system may need the hard drive to be fully formatted and operating system reinstalled. We can backup all your data so if your computers hard drive needs formatting or a replacement hdd is needed your data is safely backed up and can be easily recovered.

All work carried out is done with the up most care and confidentiality so rest ensure that your data is safe with us. We can also help with recovering data which may have been compromised from malicious software.


Desktop PC / Laptop problems we troubleshoot and fix:

  • Wireless and wired networking
  • Memory installation and upgrade
  • Windows OS upgrade, installation or re-installation
  • Hard drive data recovery and upgrade
  • Restore, fix and clean up registry files
  • Spyware, virus protection and removal
  • Hardware installation and repair
  • Computer optimization – tune-up / speed-up
  • Computer setup and maintenance
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Firmware and BIOS update
  • LAN connectivity and troubleshooting
  • Diagnose and fix broadband issues
  • Windows Troubleshooting
  • Motherboard replacement and repairs
  • Laptop or PC shuts down unexpectedly
  • Broken laptop screen
  • Laptop stops responding
  • Broken or cracked laptop keyboard
  • Broken or loose laptop DC power jack
  • Hard Disk Failure
  • System fan error message on start-up
  • Laptop randomly freezes or shuts down
  • Message such as BOOTMGR or NTLDR is missing
  • Laptop takes longer to open the Windows desktop
  • Poor system performance, especially while browsing the Internet
  • The browser home page changes and cannot be reset
  • The laptop shuts down unexpectedly after you power on the system
  • Browser closes unexpectedly or stops responding

… and more

Desktop PC Upgrades

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